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About The Crystal Skull Shop

Our mission

It is our mission to connect Crystal Skulls and their Caretakers!


Our story

The Crystal Skull Shop was founded in 2023 by me, Ivo Fuijkschot. I have been working with Crystal Skulls since the year 2000, and in 2007 I started selling Crystal Skulls online and during conferences and trade shows worldwide.

In 2012, I quit my corporate job to fully dedicate my life to the Crystal Skulls. In 2019, I moved from The Netherlands to Brazil where I am now working closely with the local Crystal Skull carvers to provide you with the best Brazilian Crystal Skulls.

How we work

We work closely with the best Brazilian skull carvers to offer you high-quality energized and activated Crystal Skulls that are easy to use. We personally hand-pick all skulls at the carver’s workshops. After this, we energetically cleanse the skulls to remove any negative energy. Then we activate them and program them to only work for the highest good of all, in accordance with the Divine Will. Then we take their pictures as accurately as possible, trying our best to capture the essence and energy of each skull in the pictures. When a skull is sold, we pack it with the utmost care, and ship it within 24 hours with express shipping. When your crystal skull arrives, it is 100% ready to start working with you. 



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