Citrine crystal skulls

Explore our collection of high-energy, natural citrine skulls for sale, and buy your perfect citrine skull here. All Crystal Skulls are handmade from untreated Brazilian citrine, activated, and carved by the best local skull carvers.

Citrine crystal skulls for sale

All our Citrine Crystal Skulls for sale are handmade from natural Citrine that is ethically mined in Brazil. We only work with small lapidary workshops and local carvers. We regularly visit the workshops of our local crystal skull carvers, to cherry-pick the best high-energy Citrine Crystal Skulls for you.

Much of the citrine for sale on the market is heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. Because we only buy citrine directly from the source, we can guarantee that all our citrine is 100% natural and not heat-treated.

Citrine is one of our most popular gemstones and a powerful crystal. It is connected to the third chakra (Solar Plexus), and is a stone for manifestation, imagination, and willpower. By increasing confidence and motivation, it empowers and stimulates you to take action, helping you to achieve success. It is also known as the Money Stone, attracting abundance and wealth.

Citrine brings you the power and joy of the Sun. It activates the Golden Ray and brings its powerful energy into your aura and energy field.

Working with a Citrine Crystal Skull can have the following benefits:
– Raise self-esteem and self-confidence
– Enhance willpower
– Stimulate creativity
– Energize and stimulate to take action

Crystals are a gift from Mother Earth. Just like ourselves, they are not perfect and sometimes come with natural vugs (holes), cracks, breaks, or scratches. Please view all pictures closely to see exactly what you’re getting. All our photos are taken in natural daylight, and as realistic as possible, but colors may slightly vary because of lighting conditions and monitor/screen settings.