Clear quartz crystal skulls

Explore our large collection of clear quartz Crystal Skulls for sale, and find the perfect skull for you. Our skulls come in various styles and sizes, and are all handmade by local crystal skull carvers.

Clear quartz crystal skulls for sale

All our Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls for sale are handmade from high-energy Brazilian Clear Quartz. After personally selecting the best skulls at the local carver’s workshops, we cleanse and activate them, and program them to only work for the highest good of all, in accordance with the Divine will. We do this to make it easier for the new caretaker to connect with their new crystal skull, and to make sure that they are energetically clean and ready to work with you.

Clear quartz Crystal Skulls are the most popular types of skulls. Almost all the so-called “Ancient Crystal Skulls” are made of clear quartz. The piezoelectric quality of the quartz makes it a very powerful crystal. A Clear Quartz Crystal skull is the best all-around, all-purpose crystal skull.  Working with a Clear Quartz Crystal Skull can have the following effects:

  • Amplify your intention and motivation
  • Raise your vibration and conscience
  • Provide mental and emotional stability
  • Enhance mental clarity and psychic abilities

Another property of clear quartz is that it can neutralize electromagnetic radiation (EMF), making it the perfect stone for anyone who spends a lot of time around computers, cell phones, or other types of electrical equipment. It is also a great stone for anyone who lives near power lines, or in large cities, or in industrialized areas.