Golden Healer skulls

Explore our large selection of Golden Healer skulls for sale, and find the perfect Crystal Skull for you. All our skulls are activated, and handmade by local artists. We hand-pick them all, to ensure you get the best quality skulls for fair prices.

Golden Healer Skulls for Sale

Golden Healer skulls are crystal skulls made from “Golden Healer” quartz. It is a hematoid quartz that gets its golden color from the iron (hematite, limonite) inclusions. They can range from yellow to deep brown and red. It combines the amplifying qualities of quartz, with the manifesting and grounding abilities of hematite.

Golden Healer Skulls hold the highest frequencies of the Golden Ray and are master healing crystals for any condition. Golden Healer Crystal Skulls raise your vibrations, amplifying and facilitating spiritual communication and healing. It is an extremely powerful crystal for Lightworkers, and assists in self-healing and healing work on others. It helps access the energy of the Ascended Masters and can connect with the energy of the Christ Consciousness.

Golden Healer Quartz also attracts prosperity, abundance, and success, and increases self-confidence and creativity.

Working with a Golden Healer Skull can have the following effects:

– Enhance psychic abilities
– Attract abundance and success
– Raise your vibration to amplify healing powers
– Bring emotional stability and healing
– Protect against spiritual attacks
– Restore emotional and physical balance

Holding a Golden Healer crystal skull is like holding the power of the Great Central Sun in your hands. Its energy enters the crown chakra, filling the body and auric field with golden healing light, allowing healing to occur on all levels.