Rose quartz crystal skulls

Explore our selection of handmade rose quartz skulls for sale, and buy your perfect rose quartz skull. All our rose quartz crystal skull carvings are activated, and hand-picked at the workshops of the best Brazilian skull carvers. We offer you the best quality rose quartz skulls for a fair price.

Rose quartz skulls for sale

Rose Quartz skulls are the perfect choice for both beginning, and advanced Crystal Skull Guardians. Their lovely pink color, and loving, soothing energy, makes it easy to open up and connect with a rose quartz skull. All our Rose Quartz skulls for sale are already activated, making it even easier to connect with them on a deeper level.

Rose quartz is also known as “the love stone”. It is the stone of unconditional love, teaching us to love without conditions. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra and gives a sense of inner peace, and self-acceptance. It teaches us compassion, patience, and forgiveness, and enhances self-confidence and self-esteem, increasing your capacity to love yourself and others.

Crystal skulls are empowered by the presence of other crystal skulls. They connect with each other and exchange and absorb knowledge and energy, making them more powerful each time they connect. This is why most people, after buying a crystal skull, keep buying more skulls. The skulls love to “work” in teams, and creating crystal skull grids is a very powerful way of working with them. Adding one or more rose quartz skulls to your skull collection or crystal skull grid will greatly enhance its power and energy, and cleanse and uplift the energy of the whole room.