Traveler skulls

Explore our unique and large selection of traveler skulls for sale, and buy your perfect Traveler Skull in The Crystal Skull Shop. All our traveler skulls are activated, and very powerful. They are hand-picked by us and made by the best Brazilian crystal skull carvers.

Traveler skulls for sale

Traveler skulls are one of our most popular styles of crystal skulls. They come in various sizes and stones, with clear quartz crystals being the most common.

We have been working with traveler skulls since 2012 and helped design some of the first traveler skulls ever made. We personally love them and feel a strong and deep connection with this skull style. Many Crystal Skull guardians tell us they find that connecting to a traveler skull is easier than connecting to a regular-style Crystal Skull.

This style of skull is called a traveler skull because its shape looks like the comet’s tail when it travels through the Solar System.

It is an alien-style, elongated crystal skull, that, because of its shape, lies very comfortably in your hands, making it a perfect skull to hold during your meditations. Its long tail acts like an antenna, helping to draw energy and information into the skull. Its eyes act like portals or doorways for you to enter the inner world of the skull and astrally travel through this portal to other realms and dimensions.

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