Dragon skulls

Here you can find our selection of hand-made, activated, Dragon Skulls from Brazil. Hand-picked at the carvers workshops. Shop here and find the perfect Dragon Skull for you.

Dragon skulls for sale

All Dragon Skulls for sale at The Crystal Skull Shop are handmade by local artists. We buy them directly from the local carvers and small workshops, to ensure you get the best quality dragon skull carvings for fair prices.

The energy of a dragon skull is different from the energy of a human or alien-shaped crystal skull. Dragons work with your own emotions and energies. The dragon energy is associated with the four elements; fire, earth, air, and water, and also associated with the fifth element of Ether. Dragons come in many different shapes and colors. The dragons retain the energy that we humans have lost. In the world of today, there are great changes in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual spheres. Dragon energy is back, and available to assist us. The dragon touches our soul at the deepest level, allowing us to grow and develop and become our true Self on earth. The energy of the Dragon helps us in this. Dragon energy is a transformative and loving energy. It breaks down in a loving yet effective way, to open us up and make our hearts ready to receive again. Dragon energy comes on your path when you are ready for it. It enters the heart and wipes away all that is necessary and places it where the light shines most brightly. Let the loving energy flow like water, quenching and refreshing you. The powerful Dragon Energy is still here, and it is available for you to use it.