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Pure Energy!!

I ordered my first “Ivo skull” on 12/12/22…I knew that was going to be the beginning a wonderful vendor/client partnership and now, over 15 skulls and dragons later, I was right. The quality of the skulls and dragons that Ivo offers is exceptional. The customer service and information he provides is remarkable.

Skulls are important in my energy work, and these come loaded! Goosebump-inducing energy that radiates from within the package and does not diminish. I’ve uploaded a sampling of the skulls I’ve bought from him, but the photos just don’t do them justice. The photos do not truly catch all the shimmer and shine and at times glow from the skulls. Giving 5 stars is not enough. A definite 10 in my book on quality, customer service, product knowledge, attention to detail, and overall PURE ENERGY!

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Maira R.


Reliable for quality and value

I’m happy to have been dealing with this seller for years. In that time I’ve purchased a wide selection of skulls, large and small. The quality ranges from really great to absolutely amazing and with such fair pricing, there is something for everyone.


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Fab skulls

I’ve purchased 3 skulls so far and they are all amazing. Great quality crystal and carving.
Great customer service and fast shipping.


Amazing Skulls from the Home of Gorgeous Crystals

When it came time for me to find a perfectly stunning skull, it was easy to choose the Crystal Skull Shop as my provider! Ivo worked with me to deliver a stunning, rainbow-filled smokey quartz master skull for my council…and at a very good price. Shipping was faster than expected and Ivo was wonderful to stay in touch until it arrived safely! Easy purchase, recommended to you!

Gia Qamar


Exceptional quality

I honestly can not recommend Ivo and his shop more highly.
Not only are his crystalline souls exceptional quality, high energy, and such good prices, very well packed, and quick delivery even though I’m in the UK. But Ivo goes above and beyond to help you connect to the right one, answering any questions, and sending more photos and videos if needed.

You can tell this is not just a business to Ivo but a love and passion for the crystalline world.
Thank you so much, Ivo and family, you’re an absolute credit to the crystalline world 🙏 The Below photo is the latest addition, a 5.35 kg master skull I got from him 💕


United Kingdom

High quality skulls

When I bought my first skull from Ivo in 2022 I really had no idea how much it would change my life. My love for Brazilian crystals made me decide to purchase a Brazilian skull directly from the source.
20 Ivo skulls later, I still get excited when a new skull arrives. The skulls from Ivo arrive completely charged and full of amazing happy energy. There have been a few so strong that they announce themselves before you can open the box. The master skull I got from Ivo communicated from the moment I saw it.
These skulls are potent, beautiful, and worthwhile.
Ivo has impeccable integrity and is very knowledgeable about skulls. I trust Ivo 100% and when he gives me feedback on a skull I’m considering, I always carefully consider it.
These skulls are a joy to be around, and I highly recommend you purchase at least one to become part of the wonderful family of Brazilian skulls.
Shipping is fast, and the skulls are well packaged. The shipping time from Brazil to the United States is around 10–14 days.

Kelly Carson


Thank you!

I am happy to have a really beautiful skull. This skull is luxuriously made of quartz and the shape of the head is very good. The expression is calm and soothing. Thanks to whoever carved this piece. And thank you for introducing this work and sending it carefully! Please introduce new works again. I will definitely buy again!



Incredible skull

This is an incredible skull being and has such wonderful and powerful energy. I love the way it was carved. Seller was so very helpful with everything and truly made this a beautiful experience. Well packaged, fast shipping, and wonderful support. Very happy. Thank you so much!


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prachtige schedel

Prachtige golden healer, heel krachtig <3 , verzending en communicatie top! In het verleden nog verschillende schedels bij Ivo gekocht en altijd topkwaliteit en topservice, een aanrader!


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Snelle goede service

Ik heb 2 keer een schedel gekocht bij Ivo en was dik tevreden! Goed verpakt, snel verzonden en supermooie schedels!


Emmerich, Germany