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We are crystal skull guardians ourselves and have been selling crystal skulls online since 2007. Five years ago, we moved to Brazil, to be closer to the source and the workshops of the best Brazilian crystal skull carvers. We hand-pick all our skulls directly from the carvers, paying them honest prices. It is our mission to connect crystal skulls with their new caretakers, and help you buy the perfect Crystal Skull.

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Crystal skulls for sale

Pure Energy!!

I ordered my first “Ivo skull” on 12/12/22…I knew that was going to be the beginning a wonderful vendor/client partnership and now, over 15 skulls and dragons later, I was right. The quality of the skulls and dragons that Ivo offers is exceptional. The customer service and information he provides is remarkable.

Skulls are important in my energy work, and these come loaded! Goosebump-inducing energy that radiates from within the package and does not diminish. I’ve uploaded a sampling of the skulls I’ve bought from him, but the photos just don’t do them justice. The photos do not truly catch all the shimmer and shine and at times glow from the skulls. Giving 5 stars is not enough. A definite 10 in my book on quality, customer service, product knowledge, attention to detail, and overall PURE ENERGY!

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Crystal skulls for sale



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Maira R.

Crystal skulls for sale

Incredible skull

This is an incredible skull being and has such wonderful and powerful energy. I love the way it was carved. Seller was so very helpful with everything and truly made this a beautiful experience. Well packaged, fast shipping, and wonderful support. Very happy. Thank you so much!



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